How to Join Us

Please read the Research page to figure out which project(s) you are interested in before you contact us.

Undergraduate Students:

You can join us by:

1)Taking Bioc 310 in the Fall/Spring.

2)Working as a paid summer intern or volunteering.

You must have sincere interests in research, good grades and good work ethics. Please email if you are interested.

  1. Please read the 310 manual to find course requirements and tips on doing research.
  2. Paid summer positions are generally reserved for students who are already working in the lab.
  3. We prefer students who are interested in doing research for multiple semesters.
Graduate Students:

Individual PIs in this department do not recruit graduate students directly. If you are interested in joining us, please apply at the departmental website. After you are admitted, you will be required to do three rotations before you choose a lab to do your thesis.

Please email to discuss rotation details after you are admitted by the department.


We look for postdocs who share the same research interests with us. We prefer candidates who have experience with model organisms (C. elegans and Drosophila preferred), or have a computational background. Please email if you are interested.